The Expert Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH

We are different!

flexpertible - expertragmatic - qualifi expertd - uncomplicated - innovative - c expertea expertiv - fair

We are a young tax consultant firm with several tax consultants and a motivated team of tax professionals as well as tax administrators.

Due to manifold, long-term experience of our members of staff we are able to offer a wide range of focuses and services in our portfolio. We are happy to give you advice on microeconomic matters and tax questions – regardless of the legal form and size of the taxpayers, from private clients up to international corporations.

We can operate flexibly and we gladly meet you wherever you are based in an aim to help you use your precious time most efficiently. Likewise, you are more than welcome to visit us in one of our branches if you prefer.

Tax consultancy does not only start at the end of the tax-relevant period – we would like to advise you, in an uncomplicated manner, about news and changes throughout the year in order to apply tax situations to the advantage of your individual case, if necessary. A foresighted planning allows room for manoeuvre!

Be on top of things!

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